This Is Microsoft’s First Windows 11 Wallpaper

Microsoft will be holding a dedicated Windows event later this month, and it’s believed this might bring us not a new Windows 10 feature update, but a completely latest version from the operating-system called Windows 11.

As the name of Windows 11 has had many unexpectedly, it appears as though Microsoft may be likely to continue the stand-alone operating-system version release and for that reason step away from the Windows 10 moniker.

As the company is obviously yet to verify anything about Windows 11, especially because of the June 24 event may be the one designed to bring us all the juicy details, a teaser image the company released in the official announcement of the event continues to be considered by many because the living proof a brand new Windows version is simply around the corner.

Windows 11 announcement later this month

And today this teaser image is available for download as a high-resolution wallpaper, if you need to make your Windows 10 desktop look more like Windows 11, this is actually the first step in this regard.

Discovered by someone on reddit, the Windows 11 wallpaper is available in an upscaled 4K resolution, therefore it need to look all right on the most of desktops available.

Meanwhile, everybody expects the June 24 announcement to be pretty big. Many believe the fall Windows 10 update, which itself was said to be a massive release, would end up becoming Windows 11, therefore having a baby to a different Windows based pc.

Codenamed Sun Valley, this new feature update was said to have an important refresh of all things in the operating-system, beginning with the user interface and ending with capabilities which have been previously tested within the Windows Insider program.

But of course, things are still within the rumor stage for the time being, so let’s just wait for Microsoft to spill the beans on everything at the June 24 event.

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