Microsoft to Announce What’s Next for Windows on June 24

Everyone knows Microsoft is focusing on something big around the Windows front, and CEO Satya Nadella himself confirmed the most significant overhaul of Windows 10 since launch is coming.

But however, while plenty of details reach the net via unofficial channels, Microsoft has tried to keep all details secret so far.

However the company is able to spill the beans on this highly anticipated Windows update, with June 24 to witness a significant announcement that will detail “what’s next for Windows.”

Microsoft hasn’t provided any specifics in regards to what may happen in the show, however this appears like a passionate Windows event where several Microsoft executives are likely to go ahead and take stage and supply us having a preview about the next feature update for Windows 10.

The sun’s rays Valley update

This pretty much is sensible given Windows has received less love at Build this year than the previous editions from the developer conference, but now it all makes sense. Microsoft wants to hold a passionate Windows event, so it’ll be interesting if the becomes an annual venue or just a one-time opportunity to get in touch with users and supply all of them with a closer look at the future of the OS.

Microsoft’s CEO said at Build that huge things are coming for Windows users.

The next Windows 10 feature update is known as Sun Valley and is projected to determine the daylight within the fall of the season. Probably, Sun Valley will come with several Windows 10X features, because this operating system has already been abandoned after Microsoft’s dual-screen device lineup has virtually failed.

Microsoft itself confirmed that Windows 10X continues to be shelved, so for now, all efforts seem to be on obtaining the full form of Windows 10 right.

The Windows 10 event will take put on June 24 at 11 AM ET.

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