Hidden Microsoft Edge Flag Can Block the “Recommended Browser Settings” Prompt

Microsoft presented Edge 91 earlier this month, but because we told you already, a few of the users who installed it came across a rather annoying problem.

It’s all related to the “Use recommended browser settings” that sometimes turns up in Microsoft Edge, and which for whatever reason now keeps coming back again and again.

While Microsoft said hello was looking into everything, quite a few users believed it was another Microsoft make an effort to divert users to Bing. Virtually because Bing is recommended as the default internet search engine by this prompt users can’t eliminate.

“Use recommended browser settings. Get first class performance, privacy, and productivity as you browse using the latest Microsoft Edge – the best browser for Windows 10,” the prompt reads before highlighting a setting called “Use Microsoft recommended browser settings – default search engine: Microsoft Bing.”

This flag helps you deal with the whole thing

Even though a fix for exactly the same prompt returning occasionally is still within the works, reddit user Leopeva64-2 has discovered an easy workaround, a minimum of until Microsoft pops up with a full patch.

It all comes down to an easy flag which comes bundled with Microsoft Edge and allows users to bar such prompts from turning up completely in the browser.

The flag can be accessed by copying and pasting the next code within the Edge address bar:

Called “Show feature and workflow recommendations,” the objective of this flag is to enable and disable prompts like the one that people talked about earlier.

“When this setting is enabled, Microsoft Edge may show active messages recommending specific features and workflows based on your activities.”

The flag is actually available on Windows exclusively, but that’s quite alright, because the aforementioned issue is only encountered on Microsoft’s operating system anyway.

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