Microsoft Reminds the World It’s Killing Off Ie

Microsoft has announced that it’s retiring Ie, the initial Windows browser, and also the company has used the Build developer conference to remind everybody that it is only concentrate terms of browsers is Microsoft Edge.

Speaking about the improvements received by Microsoft Edge and the company’s contributions to the Chromium project, Microsoft emphasized that “the way forward for Internet Explorer is within Microsoft Edge.”

Indeed, Edge comes with a built-in IE mode, that allows users to load certain websites using the Internet Explorer engine. This obviously comes in handy for compatibility purposes and it is Microsoft’s recommended choice for people who need such capabilities.

The desktop version of IE 11 will be retired on June 15, 2022, using the app to simply hang in there for a little bit longer for Windows 10 LTSC versions.

“We realize that serving specific browsers are top pain points for you personally, which means this news implies that you’ll be able to focus much more of your time and efforts on modern web experiences. But we didn’t leave your visitors and users behind either. With Ie mode in Microsoft Edge, consumers and organizations will be able to use IE-based sites and apps alongside modern ones in Microsoft Edge?athis is what we call the dual engine advantage in Microsoft Edge,” Microsoft says.

The brand new default browser

The organization tells companies to begin planning the switch to Microsoft Edge, admitting that “transitions are difficult but can be made easier.”

“With this retirement date set, we advise you create a intend to end support for IE11 for your websites and apps, and to stage a process to transition users from online Explorer over time with easy pathways forward. When you’re ready, we are able to help you with this. When customers find an internet site that’s no more supporting their go-to browser, it may be disruptive and jarring. We can help, having a guided transition process along with a one-click option to bring over important user data like passwords and favorites,” it says.

Microsoft Edge has already been pre-loaded with Windows 10, because the browser happens to be the default browser on all versions from the operating system.

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