Linux GUI Apps Officially Launch on Windows 10

Microsoft has officially announced today at Build that Linux GUI apps are now generally on Windows 10, just a few weeks following the company actually brought this selection to insiders.

In other words, if you want to run Linux GUI applications on Windows 10, you can now get it done with the help of the Windows Subsystem for Linux, or WSL, as you no longer have to stick to the terminal for the entire thing.

The feature originally made its debut in Windows 10 preview build in April, and surprisingly, Microsoft has decided it shouldn’t wait for new OS feature update to allow Linux GUI apps for everyone on Windows 10, therefore the company is releasing it for users today.

“WSL lets you operate a Linux environment, and up until this point has focused on enabling command line tools utilities and applications. GUI app support now lets you make use of your favorite Linux GUI applications too. WSL is used in a wide variety of applications, workloads, and use cases, so ultimately, it’s your decision on which you’d like to use GUI app support for. Below, we’ve highlighted some key scenarios to help you adore running applications inside a Linux environment,” the company originally said.

Available today for everyone

Obviously, Microsoft merging the field of Linux and Windows is something the company has been working on for several years already, and the WSL project is spearheading the efforts in connection with this.

However with Linux GUI apps on Windows 10, Microsoft virtually makes it possible for developers to no longer need a stand-alone Linux system just for testing, as the event are now able to operate on surface of its operating-system.

“You can use this selection to run any GUI application that may only appear in Linux, or to run your personal applications or testing inside a Linux environment. This may be incredibly useful for developers who want to test their cross-platform app, as they possibly can now run it on Windows 10, and then easily within Linux without ever having to change machines or run a virtual machine,” Microsoft says.

The new feature is available to everybody running an up-to-date WSL installation.

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