Microsoft Bringing More Windows 10X Features to Full Windows 10

Windows 10X was Microsoft’s ambitious debut within the dual-screen PC market, with the operating system also supposed to power the company’s Surface Neo device launched with so much fanfare at the end of 2019.

But the Surface Neo wasn’t the only product which got the ax, but Windows 10X too, as a recent report revealed that the operating-system, which was originally projected to produce as soon as this season, has been pushed back without any ETA actually on the table.

Quite simply, Windows 10X might very well be dead, with Microsoft to instead focus on the full version of Windows 10 which makes a lot sense in the long term.

And as a result from the demise of Windows 10X, Microsoft has begun bringing a number of onpar gps to the full form of Windows 10, something that users themselves have been requesting for a long time.

Arriving Windows 10 21H2

And based on a study from WL, such improvements are already making their method to Windows 10, with the operating system now having a new drag and drop feature in the action center that enables users to show the fast actions without clicking the taskbar icons. This can be a behavior which was created by Windows 10X and which made more sense on the touch-capable device, and now it appears as though Microsoft is bringing it to full Windows 10 too.

Simultaneously, the company can also be bringing rounded corners and floating jump lists and menus to Windows 10, and it’s believed these could see the daylight using the release of the Sun Valley update within the fall of this year.

Windows 10 version 21H2 will certainly be a massive update, as Microsoft is planning the very first big overhaul of its operating system since launch, and today it looks like Windows 10X will have a major role within this visual refresh.

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