Microsoft Edge Gets Mouse Support on Xbox

If you’re while using Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge to see the web on your Xbox console, the most recent preview build includes some pretty cool news in this regard.

More specifically, users are now able to browse the web utilizing a mouse attached to the Xbox, which obviously helps make the event much more convenient given it’s simpler to click on web content by doing this instead of using an Xbox controller.

The Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge has become a cross-platform offering, as it’s available not just on Windows 10, but also on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, macOS, and Linux too. Mobile versions are also provided to Android and iPhone users.

Other improvements within the latest Xbox preview build

Needless to say, the most recent Xbox Insider build also comes with other improvements, and one of these concerns the Guide, that will now provide users having a preview thumbnail of the last capture once the Share feature is launched.

Several fixes are also included for the System and the Party Chat, as Microsoft itself explains within the release notes.

“Updated Party Chat on Xbox consoles to mitigate an issue where connections could fail on some ISPs, for example T-Mobile’s Home Online sites. Various updates to properly reflect local languages across the console,” the company explains.

And talking about a button input on Xbox, Microsoft warns that it’s aware of some issues affecting games like Minecraft.

“Some users are reporting that their mouse isn’t working correctly in Minecraft. We’ve received reports that controller input is not working whenever a game is launched. Workaround: Reboot the console and relaunch the sport,” it says.

Obviously, remember that the mouse support in Microsoft Advantage on Xbox is still in the Insider preview stage and never available for production devices.

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